I'm not saying he taught me everything I know. But he did help me improve a 94% average to a 96%+ overall average for the last 10 years. Also a 3-time member of the ATA All-American team and 10-time California State team. Everything I learned is in this book. Mike Mazzucchi

I first met Daro at the Medford Gun Club. Shortly after meeting Daro, he began working with me to improve my shooting techniques. Within five months, I had reached the 27-yard line in the ATA and PITA and achieved AA classification in singles and doubles. As with anything you desire to do well, you should seek out the best instructor available. When it comes to trapshooting, Daro Handy is just that. Jack Elkins

Fantastic! That's my first thought after reading the final draft of Daro's complete book on trapshooting. After spending years attending clinics and private lessons, learning the setup, finally here is everything that you would need to know, in this great book.

Not only does this book cover the basics for new shooters but also it is the only book on championship trapshooting that I have ever seen or read. It should be part of any trap shooter's equipment and should be with him at all times.

Daro's setup system has taken me from an 86% handicap average to a 94% handicap average. In a year's time, while shooting over 7,000 targets, I have received 50+ honorary punches using Daro's five-step setup. George Runkle

I've bought every video and book I could find on trapshooting and my average was stuck on 88. I even had Daro's book in my library but didn't read it much because it was against the standard focus on the target (look for the target) doctrine. After four frustrating years, I was about to quit trapshooting but decided to read and try Daro's techniques. After applying Daro's techniques from the book and video, my average jumped from 88 to 94. I now shoot in the 90's all of the time and shot my first 98 and two 97's. My set-up is almost perfected.
Thank you to Daro Handy. Joe Ksanznak, Average shooter and ATA Member from Pennsylvania.

Photos from one of Daro's Classes:

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Trapshooting with Daro Handy
Learn "Five Step Trapshooting" from one of the best and most Knowledgeable Trapshooters in the U.S.A.
He'll tell you the way it is. How much you know will measure how far you will go!
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