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Daro Handy Trapshooting Clinic
Martinez Gun Club
Feb. 15, 2012

Daro Handy Trapshooting Clinic
Spokane Gun Club
May 16, 2012


2 days-$350.00   750 targets
(repeat students $250.00)

1 day  $225.00   300 targets 
1st day of clinic only

CALL  541-459-3409 to confirm

Personal Trapshooting


Call Daro Handy at (541) 459-3409 or e-mail him to reserve a spot

If you're serious about becoming a better shooter, there's no better way to learn than to attend one of my classes. Generally, my classes are limited to ten shooters in the clinic. I prefer to have 11 or 12 signed up in case one or two have to drop out at the last minute. I limit the number of students so that I can devote more time to individualized instruction. I also limit the number of classes I conduct each year so sign up early. Please use my online "contact" form to let me know if you would like to sign up - I'll get back to you quickly and discuss dates and locations.

My classes are for one day, two days and three days. You can derive the most benefit by attending a multiple-day class. However, I do offer the one-day course which is packed with basic, hard-core instruction. I will also come to your club to conduct classes. Again, please use my online contact form and let me know of your interest.

You can sign up for my classes right here on my website. Please select your desired class and click on the PayPal "BUY NOW" button to register. I look forward to meeting you!

I conduct most of my classes as I travel to tournaments throughout the Western USA. That makes it convenient and easy for you to attend one of my classes.

My ONE-DAY class is packed with detailed instruction - in the classroom and "on-the-line" shooting. I'll cover the mental and physical aspects of becoming a better shooter. I'll watch you shoot a few rounds and then personalize my Five-Step setup program to help you as needed. By the end of the day - you'll SEE and FEEL YOUR IMPROVEMENTS. Sign up now by clicking the PayPal "Buy Now" button below. I will contact you and tell you when I will be instructing in your area. You will have a reserved spot!

Personal Instruction

Naturally, the most effective way to become more proficient in any sport is to take personalized "one-on-one" instruction. I offer this service to you - you'll have my undivided attention - just you and me - no other students. The absolute best way to become a winning trapshooter! After I receive your purchase notification, I will contact you to make instruction arrangements that will fit both of our schedules.

Personal/Group Classes

Many times each year, I make special trips to various gun clubs to teach personal and group lessons. My rates will vary based upon the number of guaranteed students, distance I have to travel and the expenses I would incur. Please use my CONTACT DARO form to contact me and tell me about your club and what you have in mind about a class. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Class Fees:

One Day Class Instruction - $250.00

Two Day's Class Instruction - $400.00

Three Day's Class Instruction - $550.00

Choose How Many Days

Personal One-On-One Instruction

One Day = $500.00

Two Days = $750.00

Three Days = $1,000.00

Choose How Many Days


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