To compliment my "in person" classes, I've written a book and made a video of my "Five-Step Trapshooting" instructional course. My instructional materials are perfect for learning at your own pace. Study my material and then take your new knowledge to the shooting range for practical application. It's a great way to dramatically increase your scores and it will make you more competitive in tournaments.

Many shooters who have purchased my instructional materials have told me how they put the information to use. They will re-read my book and re-play my video - working on the areas where they need the most help. It's really gratifying every time I see these shooters walk to the victory circle - and it happens a lot! Click below for more information on these products.

The Book!

The Handy Instructional Book to Higher Scores.

Professional Championship Trapshooting with Daro Handy.

50+ years in the learning - two years in the writing. The name of the book says it all.

My book will explain, in detail, my Five-Step Shot Set-Up. This super informational trapshooting material will benefit the experienced, intermediate and beginning shooter. Packed full of material that you can study, practice and apply immediately - material that will guide you to become a consistent competitor!


The Book Price:

$35.00 plus $7.00 Shipping & Handling

Special Combo Offer:

Purchase a VHS or DVD Video with the book and save $ 10.00

$85.00 Plus $7.00 Shipping & Handling

VHS & Book

DVD & Book
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