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Daro was born in Roseburg, Oregon on November 17, 1940. He attended school in Roseburg and graduated in 1958. In 1960, he joined the U.S. Air Force and shot big bore rifle for 1-1/2 years, setting a record over the national match course that held for many years. The next 2 1/2 years was spent shooting "American & International Trap", winning the European Championship and the Cup of Nations in Europe.

Upon leaving the service, he returned to Oregon and became a member of Oregon State Police during the years 1966-69. He started college at Umpqua Community College and graduated from the University of Oregon in 1973 with a degree in Community Service and Public Affairs. While attending college, Daro began studying the components (steps) of trapshooting. His goal was total perfection in delivery of the shot and conquering the 27 yard line with consistent high scores.

Daro has shot professionally and coached since 1973. During this time period he also worked for the insurance industry for eight years. He has shot over 1 million rounds of shotgun and rifle ammo and has won more handicaps and honorary yardage punches than any other trapshooter in the ATA and PITA. He holds the long-run record from 27 yards with 505 straight hits, shot over 5 days of competition at two different shoots. He has over 40 100X100 from the 27 yard line, numerous 100X100 in the doubles and singles, and numerous 200X200 in Singles Championship events. Since 1980, he has averaged over 70 honorary yardage punches yearly from the 27 yard line with over 100 punches some years based on 10,000 to 12,000 registered handicap targets. His longest handicap winning streak was over 15 straight handicaps.


Daro has won or been in the top 5 handicap averages in the ATA numerous times since 1974, been a member of the five highest over-all averages 6 times and won the highest average in the PITA too many times to mention. To date he has been on 16 ATA All American Teams and 35 straight PITA All Star Teams, being team captain for the PITA teams most of those years. His life time singles average is close to 99% and he has shot over 725,000 registered targets.

Photo courtesy of Don Black

Daro's method of trapshooting and coaching revolve around his "perfection in the set-up" procedure, "total mind control" and "self and detail perfection". This method leads to higher scores and averages and more trophies and money wins each year.

Daro has basically dedicated his life to the game of trapshooting and coaching and can communicate the inner workings of the sport to those that will listen to learn and believe. His knowledge of teaching trapshooting will benefit the experienced shooter as well as the beginning and intermediate shooter.

Good luck is made possible through learned knowledge so "how much you know will measure how far you will go". Good shooting in the future.


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